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Gorgeous Twinking Holiday Porch Lights Tutorial Christmas decor

by shennece
Gorgeous Twinking Holiday Porch Lights Tutorial

When it comes to outdoor holiday lights,  I want easy outdoor holiday lights that look great and don’t take a ton of effort. This simple outdoor holiday lighting looks amazing and is entirely possible because the amazing outdoor holiday light clips. These outdoor holiday lighting ideas only work because of the supplies we use which definitely cuts down on frustration. We hope that you love this Gorgeous Twinking Holiday Porch Lights Tutorial.
Gorgeous Twinking Holiday Porch Lights Tutorial

PRO TIP: Using these exact Command DECORATING clips or hooks means no tape residue, nails, holes, etc. We used about 60 of the clips, the amount you need will completely depend on how far apart you would like to space them. Simply measure and order accordingly.

PRO TIP: You will also want lights rated for outdoor use. I used 18 strands that were 100 lights each, so 1,800 lights and I opted for white wiring to blend in better with the ceiling of the porch.
PRO TIP: Be sure to pay attention to the instructions on the light boxes that will tell you how many strands you can safely connect together.  These specific lights said 9 strands total so we needed to plug this into two different extension cords (timer with a sensor).

Take a few minutes and read all of the instructions on the package thoroughly, then plan out how you want the lights to look.  These clips have worked very well even though they are really small.  They have been up for over a month with harsh temperatures and really strong winds.  We have only had three clips need to be put back up in this time.
Think about how much you would like the lights to drape down… if the lights are brand new the cords will be tightly wound but will loosen A LOT as they hang. When hanging I tried to pull them pretty tight-while being careful not to put too much strain on the clips.  They lights now easily hang down another 8 to 12 inches per drape! So they are significantly lower than when put up just a few weeks ago.
Clean the spaces you’ll use the clips with rubbing alcohol swabs. Let dry and then put the clips up according to package instructions.
Let clips sit for 1 full hour before adding any weight.  During this hour, clip the tags off the lights and try to stretch out the lights to straighten the cords.
Test lights and hang them while lit to make sure everything is in proper working order.
As you get to the end of the first set, carefully connect the strands and wrap the long blank part of the cord around the short end of the other strand, this will help prevent gaps in the lights.

PRO TIP: This project is definitely doable for one person, though it did go faster when two adults were available.  It took a little while to get all of the clips up, but now that they are it will be so easy to recreate this look every year!

Whether you were looking for how to install outdoor holiday lights or outdoor holiday lighting tips, these led holiday lights outdoor will make your home look festive and ready for Christmas.
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